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Driving your Family Crazy... Part 3 - July 2019

Driving your Family Crazy ... Part 2 of 3 - March 2019

Or maybe you are part of the “sandwich generation” with aging parents that are demanding more of your time while at the same time trying to keep your paying job, remain married, and car-pooling your own kids or grand kids. Is this what you are dealing with?

Driving Your Family Crazy ... Part 1 of 3 - March 2019

Aging gracefully? Or Aging with a flare? Ideas on how to make your family crazy. Were your kids the teenagers from hell? This video series is all about payback for the years of grief and anxiety your kids gave you.

Talking with Mom and Dad - June 2019

You are starting to worry about Mom & Dad. You see a lot of unopened mail, envelopes stamped “Past Due,” old moldy food in the fridge, the car tags are expired. How do you bring up the subject? Is it wrong to ask about their finances? Should Dad still be driving? Do you know how to start the conversation?

What To Do with the Raise? - February 2019